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Show Envelope Balance when Assigning A Transaction to it.

  • Deb Maicach
  • Sep 24 2020
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  • Guest commented
    24 Jul, 2021 10:13pm

    In MV4, when moving money between envelopes, the balance of each envelope (to and from) was displayed. This helps the user know if the envelope is in the red (negative), and also helps the user know how much money is available in the "from" envelope to transfer to the "to" envelope. The envelope balances are underneath this pop up on the web version in MV5, so the user most likely cannot see both balances of both envelopes (on the side bar with all the envelopes). Also agree with Elizabeth below about the warning when the envelope is in the red. I slightly disagree with Drew on the mobile version doing a great job. on iPhone, the Envelope Transfer page does not show any balances, even after you have selected a "to" and "from" envelope. Only when selecting the envelope in the search for the "to" and the search for the "for" envelope does it show the balance (you have to remember what both were). I believe having both balances on one screen helps the user make the decision on 1. is there anough money in from envelope and 2 . should I transfer to a different envelope?

  • Guest commented
    24 Jul, 2021 12:06pm

    One option is on the transaction details when assigning a transaction in the web app, under the selected envelope, see attached screenshot, no split.

    If it is a split, then under the selected envelope in the split area.

  • Elizabeth Horton commented
    23 Jul, 2021 02:55am

    Yes, I very much miss this in the web app. In Mv4 if you were going to assign a transaction to an envelope that would take it over balance you got a warning and then you could decide to proceed or assign it to a different envelope. It would remind me that I needed to move money around or cut back in an area. It would be super helpful to be able to see what the balance of the envelope is that I'm going to assign a transaction to. You can't really check envelope balances with the create transaction pop-up open and that would be tedious to go back and forth.

  • Drew Clauson commented
    22 Jul, 2021 11:32pm

    I think it should be on these drop downs:

    • Every edit transaction window

    • Account balance register

    • inbox / pending / all transaction registers

    • even when viewing an envelope register where you might want to reassign a transaction and haven’t expanded the envelope views on the left side.

  • Drew Clauson commented
    22 Jul, 2021 11:29pm

    I think mobile does a great job of showing an envelope balance when assigning a transaction.

    On the web, I think that having it in any envelope selection drop down where you edit the transaction is ideal. There are many areas where you might change the selected envelope but not be able to see the envelope balance (e.g. the account register screen). Sometimes seeing it can be a reminder that you’re running low in grocery money or could push you to make a decision to take it out of a different envelope so it doesn’t go negative, etc.

    Does that make sense?

  • Wes Shelnutt commented
    22 Jul, 2021 11:17pm

    Can you give more context for this request? Are we talking about the mobile or web app? Where do you envision the balance would display and what goal does it achieve/problem does it solve for you?