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Matching Transactions

When I take the time to Create a Pending Transaction, I expect that when it is Matched that the program will use MY Payee entry and NOT revert to the Payee assigned by the bank/credit card/etc.

  • Andrea Marks
  • Sep 24 2020
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  • Adam Yost commented
    9 Dec, 2020 04:51pm


  • Craig Ferris commented
    17 Oct, 2020 03:20am

    Also, when transactons are matched, they need to clear out of the pending list. At the present, they are remaining in the pending list but are removed from the new transacton list only.

  • Liz Chechile commented
    4 Oct, 2020 12:42am

    YES!!!!! My bank only has a description of "Share Draft" for every single check that clears. Frustrating. So now in Mvelopes, I'm trying to re-enter the payee into the Notes section so it's not lost after matching up the transactions. Feels like extra work.

  • Guest commented
    2 Oct, 2020 02:15pm

    Agreed, below is my support case to Mvelopes

    When you match an Imported Transaction to a Pending Transaction, the Pending Transaction details are overwritten, both date and description. This creates significant budgeting issues.

    For example, I write check #1234 on 8/27/2020 to Rob Smith for $100 and enter it as a Pending Transaction. Then it gets imported into Mvelopes when Rob deposits the check at his bank. It shows up in Mvelopes with a date of 9/23/2020 and a description of CHECK 1234. When I match this transaction with the pending transaction, the transaction takes on the date of 9/23/2020 and CHECK 1234. Instead, it should keep the Pending Transaction details of 8/27/2020 Rob Smith.

  • Peter Monaghan commented
    25 Sep, 2020 12:41am

    OMG. Yes. A good example of this is Venmo payments. These transactions show up as Venmo being the payee, which is not helpful, so I enter a pending transaction to record who the REAL payee is and what envelope it should draw from. Who would ever want MV5 to revert the payee to Venmo? Makes no sense.

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